Knightfox is part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network. This means we have a proven track record in designing, building, deploying, and managing complex cloud architectures on AWS and they have chosen us as a reputable Technology Partner. We are uniquely positioned to help companies at any stage of the Cloud Adoption Journey. Whether you are an experienced digital disruptor or an emerging adopter, our team has the experience and know-how to help you take full advantage of all the business benefits that AWS has to offer.


Custom Cloud Applications

Websites and Cloud Applications


In today’s information age, a customer’s first point of due diligence on any business is usually the website. It’s a basic online element, but a critical one. It’s your gatekeeper, and the way you open the door to your customer affects engagement with your brand and sales conversions. That is why all of our websites are also fully responsive on mobile devices. Knightfox supports all types of Web and Cloud applications, including:


  • Content Management Systems (CMS): Drupal, WordPress and NEOS, as well as high-end CMS, such Adobe Experience Manager (AEM 6.3+)
  • Server-side Development: code written in PHP, NodeJS, Python, SQL, JSON and API. All programs are written for the Linux Operating System


Frontend Development: focus on a few core areas, such as responsive HTML5 using the bootstrap framework and AngularJS for hybrid mobile application. Anything from CSS to Javascript and jQuery for a perfect UI and UX can be developed and integrated with a number of CMS platforms.

Mobile Applications


Knightfox takes an end-to-end approach in mobile application development, ensuring that the user interface on the front end is as appealing as the AWS backend is secure and efficient. We are advocates of native development, which occurs when a software program is developed for use on a particular platform or device. Native development provides optimized performance and allows for a much better user experience. However, Hybrid frameworks such as Ionic, have made vast improvements to their code base. As a result, we frequently use Hybrid frameworks that offer more hardware and budget flexibility.  


Some of our mobile app capabilities, include: 

  • Geo-fencing
  • User segmented push notifications
  • Content delivery in high latency regions
  • Media streaming and manipulation
  • Google Advertising

Cloud Migration

To achieve true digital transformation in your business, cloud migration is vital. The cloud is rapidly proving to be a superior platform compared to traditional methods. By embracing cloud infrastructure you can improve workflows, reduce costs, optimize mobility benefits and reduce security risks. Knightfox is a Certified AWS Cloud Architect with specialization in designing cloud migration strategies and architecture. It can be a daunting task for any organization to undertake, but our rigorous and tested approach guides and protects you throughout the process so you can migrate with confidence.


Cloud Architecture

All of our web and application development, as well as hosting services, are supported through cloud architecture. The ever growing arsenal of cloud tools that are provided by AWS outweigh any conventional server architecture that is out there. We see no better alternative to providing a robust, scalable and secure platform to deliver true business impact. As such, our network architects are well-versed in the different tools AWS has to offer, and we pride ourselves on designing cost-effective and adaptable systems.


Hosting Services

Providing the right hosting solutions for clients has long become an art form. The extensive possibilities provided by cloud infrastructure has only added a new layer of complexity to network design, and we love it. Knightfox provides extensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to cloud infrastructure and our knack for tackling complex designs with grit and intelligence keeps us on the cutting edge of digital transformation.



Video Content is gold on the internet. It fuels brand loyalty and engagement, and can account for a large share of a company’s brand development budget. To truly maximize ROI,  your audience must be able to view, share and download your video content with ease. Knightfox has extensive knowledge in live and on-demand video streaming at broadcast quality. Through AWS and other technology partners, we provide a full suite of streaming products that can be integrated into any cloud or mobile application.


Blockchain provides an incorruptible digital ledger, which can record any type of transaction and is applicable beyond the financial markets. By design, all information is stored securely without a single point of failure on a decentralized network of nodes, or blockchain. It provides the backbone for transactions of the future, and Knightfox plays a leading role in bringing blockchain technology to the Caribbean.


Blockchain Applications

Knightfox designs different applications utilizing blockchain technology. Depending on the application requirements, we utilize either the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts or the Hyperledger Framework for business solutions, such as supply chain auditing. Based on our years of experience with AWS, we also utilize secure serverless functionality, which helps us to design cost effective blockchain applications in an agnostic environment.


Initial Coin Offering

Knightfox has been actively involved in the cryptocurrency community in the Caribbean and the launch of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Recent works include the design of a local cryptocurrency ecosystem for Jamaica based on the Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts for added services and automated payment distribution. Our capabilities include blockchain consulting, development of cryptocurrencies, wallets, and smart contracts, as well as the development of serverless API functionality to interact with the blockchain for diverse business applications.

Turnkey Solutions

Digital transformation is driven by customer centricity. This is often an organization’s first point of innovation and modernization as they adopt new technologies (to ensure they stay relevant) and reinvent themselves for the future. At Knightfox, we take an intuitive approach to designing systems, platforms and applications that heighten customer experiences and create true business impact. All of our turnkey solutions can be tailored to fit your specific needs.


Content Delivery Platform and App

Over a period of three years, we developed a highly-scalable content delivery platform and mobile app using a unique multilayer filter. The filter enables categories and content to be displayed in one or multiple regions, thus providing detailed control over the types of content, including video content, that is displayed in a given market. It makes for the perfect international content delivery system.


The mobile app code is written in native for iOS and Android, and we have recently deployed the platform on a Google cloud infrastructure. This boosts performance and allows for greater insight into user demographics and sessions behavior. The application is programmed via Drupal CMS backend, which deploys the content to a Google Firebase Real-time Database.


Real Time Geo Location Platform

Nowadays, customers want information at their fingertips and they want it fast. At the touch of a screen, they want to know where to go and how to get there. We have developed a mobile phone application that allows users to quickly find predefined locations nearby and display these on a map. The platform is easily integrated into any mobile application programmed to display multiple locations, such as stores, restaurants, ATM machines and more. Anything that is required to be quickly searchable and is geo-tagged can be identified. What is more, the system comes with an algorithm that calculates the distances between all locations and the users GPS location to instantly present a ranking that begins with the closest location. This allows users to make quick calculated decisions about which option works best for them.


Secure Voucher Validation Platform

Our Secure Voucher Validation Platform (SVVP) is designed to give retailers and service providers more control over their and sales cycles. The SVVP can be used to quickly set up campaigns that allow sellers to adjust pricing around seasonality and shifting demand. Through the SVVP they can sell tickets or store coupons via unique QR codes that are verifiable at any time by the seller. Codes can be redeemed via any connected device due to a robust API interface that can integrate easily into any client’s existing hardware terminals or tablets. Voucher codes are either provided by our clients’ existing POS systems or generated automatically when a coupon is issued. All codes are unique and user specific to prevent fraud and duplication.


The system is currently extended to also allow for SMS verification by Q1 2018.


Customer Loyalty Platform

Never before have customers had as many options as they do now. Whether it is a product or service, the internet makes it easy for customers to find an alternative to just about anything. Push notifications and cookies make it almost impossible for users not to be bombarded with opportunities to try something newer, cheaper or faster. This means brands have to work harder at enhancing their customer experience management by rewarding and maintaining customer loyalty. With this in mind, Knightfox has developed a customer-centric loyalty platform that is easily deployed.


Our customer loyalty platform uses predetermined ingestion points for collecting store data and pairing it with customers’ purchase history. Administrators have real-time analytics access to filter customer data by different criteria. Once filtered, the system can automatically create contact lists and automated messaging for targeted customer notifications based on a customer’s demographic and history.


Customers are empowered because they can login to the platform to see their loyalty point balance and purchase history. When the platform is integrated with our Secure Voucher Validation Platform, the customer can generate store vouchers by trading loyalty points at their fingertips. This eliminates the manual process of transferring loyalty points to pre-set cash-back/voucher values. Hence, providing a complete self-service experience.



Is an AI based call analyzer that is able to transcribe and comprehend a voice recording or more importantly a phone conversation. The recorded audio clip gets transcribed and key meta information is extracted and catalogued for further analysis. Another feature is that it picks up and counts the “dead air” the time of the call during which no-one speaks. This helps to quickly identify awkward silence during the conversation, which is in particularly helpful for call center performance analytics.