“What If?” Thinking

We embrace the science of technology and nurture a passion for invention. This sometimes requires unconventional thinking and a willingness to always ask, “What if?” This lends itself to an intense commitment to the due diligence process. We conduct extensive research for every project we undertake and ensure all hypotheses and concepts are thoroughly tested.

Transparency and Collaboration

Our team works as an integrated unit thriving off each other’s energy and experience. Through a collaborative online platform, team members solve problems, ideate and create across projects and functions. Project Managers are empowered to monitor and follow progress around project inputs and troubleshoot effectively when needed. By maintaining open dialogue and a collective approach to development and creation, senior designers and engineers act as mentors to less experienced ones who bring fresh ideas and perspectives. It’s a symbiotic circle of knowledge-sharing and mutual support that spurs innovation and maintains integrity. We extend this approach to the relationships we have with our clients – openly sharing our insights, challenges and yureka moments. We bring you into the journey as much or as little as you like.

Experience, Experience, Experience

Knightfox has a dynamic and diverse team with wide-reaching experience and honed specializations ranging from network design, programming, systems analysis and design, project management, entrepreneurship, media and new technologies. Our team members bring both local and international education and experience to the table. We have a solid track record in delivering cutting edge digital solutions and custom cloud projects to clients around the world.

Agile Management

Knightfox has a tried and true internal project management system that is completely agile. It is based on following SCRUM methodologies to allow for Continuous Integration (CI) using Git repositories, code review and deployment via Jenkins or AWS CodeDeploy. This enables seamless transitions between code creation and deployment. Our project managers are trained as SCRUM masters to keep teams on track while providing clients with sprint reports and version release burn-down charts for transparency.

Support & Maintenance

When we build for you, we commit to you. We offer clients ongoing support through Service Level Agreements (SLA) that provide transparent quality control. You gain access to our support ticket platform to easily submit job requests and track resolution in real time. Job requests are linked directly to the performance of each client’s SLA and Key Performance Indicators.