Knightfox App Design Ltd.


We are a Caribbean-based software design studio founded in 2013 and specializing in cloud architecture and digital transformation solutions. Our intelligent applications turn businesses of today into modern digital enterprises of the future. By enhancing their agility, connectivity and collaboration, we help evolving corporations and tech start-ups around the globe launch or transform their operations to be market leaders in the information age.


At Knightfox, we take a holistic and investigative approach to reinventing the way businesses tackle the challenges of tomorrow. Whether it is enhancing customer experience management, cutting through data complexity or maximizing operational efficiencies, business survival depends on the ability to evolve. We act as translators transferring technical ideas and insights into a clearly articulated vision that delivers valuable business impact. Our team of cloud architects and engineers, software designers and code creators are driven to uncover your organization’s strategic goals, its human assets, its untapped prospects and its historical strengths. It’s a digital mindset that goes beyond technology.


We are partners in your digital evolution proactively working with you to enhance profitability and maximize efficiency.

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Our Founders

CEO & Co-Founder

Egbert von Frankenberg

Egbert is a self-confessed digital explorer - unafraid to chart new territory and undertake difficult tasks for the chance to discover new worlds of opportunity for enhancing business impact and development. He is a problem solver with a knack for conveying complex ideas with simplicity and ease. He bridges the gap between the business world and the tech world, helping clients understand Knightfox’s capabilities and requirements while simultaneously getting Knightfox’s technical and creative team to design and build exactly what the client needs. Originally from Berlin, Germany, Egbert has lived and worked in the Caribbean for over a decade. He understands how to break down cultural and personality barriers to build a diverse team of local and international team members who are united around a common purpose. He has extensive experience in new media, video production and broadcast technologies, networking, marketing and software design. He is also AWS Certified and possesses a degree in International Business from the European Business School in London.

CTO & Co-Founder

Robert Ainsworth

Robert is the technical wizard who brings digital visions to life. He has a unique ability to quickly grasp any computer language and currently writes programs in no less than five computer languages. Robert is responsible for overseeing Knightfox’s development team and is both passionate and skillful in transferring knowledge and maintaining the company’s high quality control standards. Robert keeps tight control over Knightfox’s “clean code” policy, which is guarded through strict peer code review sessions. He also implemented and continues to enforce, the company’s strict use of agile software engineering methodology, which enables consistent on-time and on-budget development. Robert has a degree in Computer Science from Seneca College in Canada and Multimedia degree from the University of the West Indies.