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Will Deliver Mobile App

  • iOS & Android Native Mobile Applications
  • Web-based Admin Console

About the App


The app makes it easy for companies and persons to save money by finding the lowest cost truck or van to transport their goods.


The app uses a proprietary algorithm to help Truckers generate competitive quotes for each delivery request posted on the app. Specifically, the app makes it easy for Truckers to tailor each quote to reflect the specific operating circumstances for their truck or van in the moment of carrying out the delivery request. For example, if a Trucker can do the delivery job on a backhaul trip, or has an opportunity to combine the delivery with another, the app generates more competitive quotes that reflect the lower marginal cost for the Trucker to do the job in such situations.


Shippers are then able to use the app to easily view, compare and choose from the various quotes for the delivery jobs they post.

Business Need


Will Deliver is an online trucking delivery service platform that enables businesses to find and hire delivery trucks and vans. Truck and van owners, or truckers, register on the Will Deliver platform thereby allowing businesses, or shippers, to choose the best option to move their loads.


Whenever an authorized representative of a shipper needs to hire a delivery truck, he posts the delivery request on Will Deliver and truckers whose vehicles are capable and available to deliver the load post quotes to do the job. The shipper then chooses the best option and the selected trucker picks up and delivers the load. All deliveries are covered by goods-in-transit insurance and shippers can track when they are picked up and delivered.

Solution Provided


Will Deliver initially came to us wanting to simply use their web based platform to create an app, we soon realized they needed a fully custom solution. The final project included a fully branded trucking app that allows customers to login, view available trucks for use and make a booking for delivery or transportation of goods. Likewise, truckers can login, upload their truck details and earn money through delivery bookings.


The Will Deliver app enables a win-win scenario for both Shippers and Truckers as it helps Shippers find and book Truckers who are unutilized, allowing those Truckers to get more delivery jobs. Will Deliver is especially valuable when it enables a Shipper to book its goods on a truck that would otherwise be returning to its base empty. In this situation, the cost to the Shipper is substantially lower than normal.


Our holistic approach to app design delivered a platform that streamlined user processes. In order to provide the best user experience we developed a branded user interface that is based upon login. Upon registration, users can select the user type. 100% cloud based platform utilising Amazon Web Services.


The main goals of the product were:

  • Establish an easy-to-use platform for all user types. Truckers should be able to upload and share quotes, while shippers should be able to view truckers, post a job for delivery and accept quotation.
  • GPS tracking allows for both users to see/update delivery status.
  • Streamlining payment for all user types.
Key Features

User Features:

  • Admin portal
  • GPS tracking
  • Personalized user login experience

Tech Stack

  • DynamoDB
  • Flutter
  • Spring Boot
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL


  • Java



Our created solution helped optimize the business operations of our client:

  • Process automation: Our developed website has automated the entire manual process of booking a truck, posting a job, finding the cheapest truck available for users.
  • With just a few taps, truckers, shippers and our client can seamlessly connect with each other.
  • The entire backend process has been digitized and allows real-time tracking of booking and delivery status’.

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