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Cyphr App

  • iOS & Android Native Mobile Applications
  • Web-Based Admin Console

About the App


Developed by our team, Cyphr is a social network and online recording studio that makes music creation and artist collaboration easy and dynamic.


The app allows users to:

  • Create their own music while owning rights to their songs
  • Collaborate with other users worldwide from any location on the same track
  • Upload original beats and get notified each time someone records over them
  • Listen to the verses on your beats and interact with those artists
  • Send and receive invites from other users to collaborate on a track together


Collaborators can add their city when recording a track, giving users the ability to see where other artists they’ve collaborated with are located.


Stemming from the word “cypher,” a hip-hop term used to describe a group of rappers or beatboxers in a circle making music together, was designed and developed to replicate the underground music tradition digitally. Ultimately, the app emulates the culture and spirit of the hip-hop cypher through innovative technology and the art of connection.

Business Need


Cyphr was born out of a vision to empower artists to create and collaborate with one another while owning rights to their music. Our client wanted to create a platform that connects musicians across the world, allowing them to record audio or video separately that can be stitched together in one track. This meant separate audios or videos would have to be sync with not only the track, but with one another. Programming an app like Cyphr was not easy, and the core functionality is what proved to be most complex. Having gone to a previous developer who was unsuccessful in delivering the core functionality of the app, our client sought our help.

Solution Provided


Being well aware of the complexities the client faced from the get-go, we attacked the project head-on by focusing on its core functionality first. Our first area of focus was nailing down the programming to perfectly sync various audio and video components with the beats, which allowed for a seamless, efficient and easy way for artists to collaborate digitally. Our roadmap to success boiled down to trial and error, relentless determination and our skillset. We continuously stripped the code down to identify the main issue and manipulated it. We then began layering in additional interactive features like the location feature. As a result, we went to market with a complete and robust mobile application with features that enhanced the user experience.


The main goals of the Cyphr mobile app were:

  • Efficient and streamlined user experience
  • Seamless stitching of audio or video to one track
  • Easy discovery and sharing of new talent and sounds
Key Features


  • Video & Audio recording
  • Programmatic video editing

Tech Stack

  • Built with Firebase
  • Elasticsearch


  • Swift Language
  • NodeJS Language



Our created solution helped optimize the business operations of our client.

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