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  • iOS & Android Native Mobile Applications
  • Web-Based Admin Console

About the App


Successfully developed by our mobile app developer team, the CHUKKA mobile app makes adventure and excursion bookings convenient.


In the app users are able to:

  • Browse the adventure tour menu to see cool things to do with friends and families while on vacation. Activities like Zip Lining, Motorized ATV Tours, River Experiences, Sightseeing tours, Culinary Experiences and so much more. 
  • Coordinate adventures beforehand to skip lines and wait times 
  • Give a heads up if they have any requests or important information they would like to share (Dietary restrictions, allergies, etc.) 


Additionally, there are amazing added benefits such as: Play-day reminders and alarms, transportation updates, tour essentials reminders (like sunscreen) Awesome information on other must-see and must-do activities while vacationing.

Business Need


Chukka Caribbean Adventures provides dynamic tour experiences for active adventurers, culture & leisure seekers in Jamaica, Belize, Grand Turk & St. Lucia. With 40 acres of scenic coastline, pristine waters and an excellent central location, ChukkaCove is the ideal spot for tourists who want an authentic local experience. Our client wanted to revolutionize the way of offering their tours to users – making it available within the realms of their fingertips.

Solution Provided


After fully understanding our client’s requirements, we instantly got to work on this project to create a holistic solution. This adventure booking app allows the users to view, check, and book a variety of adventures for their vacations, holidays and other occasions. Our automated solutions have the potential to improve overall business flow. With the apple passbook integration, users are able to store their digital passes for easy access then upon arrival admins can scan the QR code on the digital pass by the click of a button. The app communicates with the user’s Apple wallet and stores it automatically. Admins are able to real time track the user journey from the shuttle pick up, all the way to the final destination, allowing for less waiting time and contactless booking and communication throughout the entire process.


The main goals of the mobile product were:

  • Establish an easy-to-use mobile app presence
  • Improve efficiency of tour booking
  • Streamlining communication between users and Chukka
Key Features


  • SSO sign up
  • Tour view
  • iOS Apple passbook integration
  • Electronic Waiver signing
  • Shuttle Arrival Notifications


  • Generate ticket/ scan QR code
  • Edit tour info
  • See all bookings
  • Create dispatch
  • Provides update on guests at each checkpoint

Tech Stack

  • Amazon-Simple-Storage-Service-S3
  • Amazon-DynamoDB
  • AWS-Amplify
  • Amazon-AppSync
  • AWS-Lambda
  • Amazon-Simple-Notification-Service-SNS
  • Amazon-API-Gateway
  • Amazon-Cognito
  • Amazon-Pinpoint
  • Amazon-CloudFront


  • Swift Language
  • Kotlin Language
  • NodeJS Language
  • GraphQL



Our created solution helped optimize the business operations of our client:


  1. Process automation: Our developed platform has automated the entire manual process of booking an adventure tour. With just a few clicks, users and our client can seamlessly connect with each other.
  2. The entire backend process has been digitized and allows real-time tracking of bookings and customers status’

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